Keeping the peace

A Fuzzy Recap


So firstly the goblin did not die, that didn’t happen also the wizard asked them to retrieve a magic orb not a dragon but the info from the goblin was still regarding a dragon. The quest for the orb wasn’t to strenuous until for some reason the paladin tried to pull an Indiana Jones on the orb, instead of letting the rouge do it, thus triggering a water trap. The rouge got out fine however the half-plated paladin ended up with a lung full before managing to get out. The orb was returned and they got paid. So the little information they had on the goblins was relayed to the mayor and our mismatched pair went about their business in town. Which for the thief was pick pocketing and being accidentally exposed by a stupid but friendly orc, he had a piece of paper to prove it and every thing, which in turn attracted the attention of McCloud who heard the words orc and stealing and rush sword drawn to the market whilst in the middle of sweeping the temple. Once there however he learned that the orc’s apparent nature and his reasons for travailing. The orc who according to the paper is called Fred, had been part of one of the newer ‘honorable’ orc clans and had returned from travailing to find the camp deserted so he set of in search of answers the best he could. McCloud decided that there was a good chance that this was somehow to do with the increased activity in the area, and if not then it wouldn’t hurt to have the orc around for added muscle and to keep an eye on just in case. Mean while Neko had fled to his hideaway which apparently was not hidden away enough as there he was approached by members of the thieves guild who did not like a freelance thief operating on there turf and ‘requested’ he join so that he could make use of all the ‘benefits’ that entailed. The new trio met up and went for more work which again came from the wacky wizard Wesley who gave them a shopping list of artifacts, after failing to find anything useful in what the wizard guild passed for a library they enlisted the help of a helpful (by wizard standards), and as a bonus attractive female, wizard who would do the research for them for a ‘modest’ fee. Then came some stuff with a crashing airship, another goblin fight and an escaped fire elemental. Then shortly after they got a job guarding a caravan for the most wealthy business man on the neutral zone. Who apparently called it right when hiring more guards as they were indeed attacked by a band of goblins and orcs. Now while orcs and goblins working together is strange enough Fred recognized an emblem on one of the orcs as that of his uncle’s clan, another honorable tribe. All became clear though as after the battle another goblin minion and all the useful information he had was acquired. There was an army being gathered, made up of at least all the goblins and orcs in the region and any who did not co-operate where force into it by threats from the white dragon ‘Coldsnap’ and his half brother Yo’Gaarth, a half goblin half dragon. After this they finished the route which turned out to be pointless as the town from which they were gathering goods, including airship parts, had been burnt to the ground. They returned to town and quickly re-laid this new information to the mayor who gave them a reconnaissance mission to the goblin hideout to try and ascertain what they were up against. Some other things happened before or after this, a check in with Jessica Jones on the research where they gained info on one of the items and McCloud either threw stupidity or embarrassment failed to deal with the flirty mage. McCloud also met the draconian Paladin of the silver claw Brother Joseph. So they were finally of to the base of this gathering horde. Things went ok at first nothing but simple goblins who only proved a problem due to a spot of bad luck. Revenge was gain (and some sanity lost) when our ‘heroes’ used some barrels of strong liquor to blow up the last goblin who had barricaded himself in a room. Sanity checks were made with no help from Neko who went around slapping the others with a crispy splintered goblin hand. When the trio went to investigate the next part of the dungeon on this ‘information gathering’ mission they were met with a large group of goblins, and not your average goblins. They were better, stronger, faster but thankfully not much brighter as they were bottlenecked and a second barrel of drinkable paint stripper was rolled and then punted by Fred into the front one, covering him in the booze and in turn setting him on fire. So more sanity checks had to be made leaving Fred in a temporary state of gibbering with the other two in a tight spot. Queue new arrivals and thank god a new scribe for these recounts.



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