Keeping the peace

A Long Time Coming (Part 1)

We last left our band of adventurers in the go-to seedy bar “The River Rat” discussing what to do next. Since taking on large quantities of orcs or undead didn’t appeal to anyone it was decided they would first investigate the mountain mine to the north, which according to what they had already learned was currently filled with enslaved Kobold.
This decision was further pressed when Lord Farnsworth asked them to check up on the mining town as they hadn’t heard or received anything from them in a while and with the possibility of a battle, low resources could mean doom for Asheridge. So after buying appropriate mounts Gangrim , McCloud and Neko set off in the name of money, justice and shiny things respectively. Fred the orc had decided to continue his search for his fellow clansmen and the battle mage had for now found less dangerous work.
Just as they reach the mountain track however they were confronted by a bandit who, not one to break tradition, asked for all their money. The group refused and was met with the prospect of many arrows in their direction and so battle commenced. The first to go was the ‘speaker’ who was struck by a fatal blow from McCloud cleaving his head in two, Neko used a large boulder for cover while letting loose some throwing daggers and Gangrim, a ranger by nature, dived to the forest for the many advantages it would give him. The fight did not last long as from the cover of the forest Gangrim took down many of the bowmen and the rest, save one, were confronted by blades of various sizes.
The last one ran off to gods know where and our trio continued on to the town. They reached the town to find nothing but cold and silence. Upon further searching they found the townsfolk were keeping indoors to avoid the wrath of both the now bandits and the strange creatures in the mine. After consoling the townspeople and Gangrim accepting a job to discover the fate of a bar women husband they set off up the pass to the mine. The weather and altitude were not kind however and a blizzard soon began to descend on them making the going tricky.
This was further complicated by Gangrim deciding to go and explore on his own. After almost getting lost in a snow storm the three managed to make it to the entrance to the mine and what they saw was not pleasant, the small bonnie reptilian creatures that were the kobold, covered in dirt and grime being hounded constantly by the whips and high pitch screeches of a few goblins. For what was a first for these adventurers they tried to talk there way instead of cleaving and it worked.
Under the guise of members of the mercenary band they went through the cave to see what they could find, unfortunately McClouds bad habit of goodness before common sense kicked in when he tried to reassure some kobold, for once though it did not back fire and they continued through the cave. Eventually they reached a large chamber occupied by a few kobolds, one smug goblin and one troll.
The goblin being the trolls handler and therefore on a power trip was not as easily fooled and called the troll to attack them. The goblin had forgotten however that trolls are slow in both brain and speed and so the goblin was dead before the troll laws even in striking distance. Once the troll was closer however things got desperate very quickly.
McCloud was the first to get hit with no option but go within melee distance which earned him a critical blow the chest calving through his breastplate, Neko was next when an attempt sneak attack failed to pierce its hide and he too took a heavy blow. Gangrim, who had been attacking from a distance decided that this called for a plan and tried to exploit the trolls stupidity. He persuaded a kobold to wear the dead goblin handlers clothes and threatening to kill his friend (again) if it didn’t stop.
Unfortunately the troll saw through Gangrim’s rouse. It was then that they found in a dark corner of the room a barrel of oil presumably used for lighting fires for cooking. McCloud tried to go at the troll again, this time with a sword covered in burning oil. Damage was done but mostly to McCloud. In a moment of desperation Gangrim came up with what, to date, has been his worst plan ever. He took the kobold, tied it to a javelin, dunked it in the oil and set it on fire and threw it at the troll.
As well as being an act of severe cruelty he also missed making it a pointless act of cruelty. McCloud stared in horror as the kobold was burnt alive Neko of course just thought it was funny. It did however provide a source from which Gangrim could set his various projectiles on fire which was something at least. Neko feeling left out felt he should do something with the oil and decided it would be a good idea to cover the troll in oil and set it on fire.
So he and McCloud combine there strength and hurled the barrel at the troll, but they botched it and got Gangrim instead who was then set on fire by the near by remains of the kobold. His beard burning away by the second Gangrim became a walking +1 fire weapon of fury. He hurled himself at the troll, clambered onto its shoulders and cleaved its skull in two. After which he dropped to the ground and rolled around yelling trying to put the fire out.
The troll was dead and all was quite but there was an added red glow to the room. Gangrim’s actions had earned him a light evil aura and so things suddenly became very complicated.



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