Keeping the peace

Gangrim’s Journal Vol 3 – Dealing with Evil

I Fought the Law and the Law Won

Day 1

Admittedly setting a defenceless, small screaming sentient creature on fire and using it as a projectile might be perceived as evil but I was low on ammo at the time. And sending the goblin army after Neko might have been a little childish but he set me on fire! I see now the disadvantages of travelling with a paladin as they go all “Righteous Fury” on your ass .I now have the Pope wagon after me as I managed to sneak out of the cave while the two of them were bickering. I’m guessing that warhorse will catch me and pony soon my best bet is to head for the forest near Ashridge.

Day 2

Not looking good I saw a giant head on the horizon so Mc Cloud is only a few hours behind me. Pony and I have bonded through this whole experience, its good to know I have a true friend that will stay by me through thick and thin.

Day 3


Day 4

In jail, got Mc Cloud in trouble for racism, back soon got shit to do.

Day 5

Out of jail operation Vengeful Pony in effect.

Stage 1

Build power base among the poor of Ashridge. (Done)
Find Investors for evil empire. (Working on it)
Build Arms Factory and Doom Fortress. (Skeletor is giving me estimates)

Stage 2

Remove existing criminal infrastructure.
Secure puppet government in Ashridge.
Rally Army and move to take the throne of Ulol Rovol.

Stage 3

Unify Neutral Zone!

Don’t forget to get some cake and crispy kobold for Marla’s Birthday Party next week.



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