This small rather portly Gentleman has a sinister grin. His clothes say he is a man of wealth


To those not in the inner circle Dusk was the leader of the Thieves Guild in Ashridge, although if you were to ask him he would have said he was the thieves guild. He expected all rouges who operate in the City to pay a small fee and he kept them safe.
Anyone who tried to cross him would normally end up dead.

Unfortunately for Dusk an ambitious Dwarf by the name of Gangrim FlameHeart decided Dusk was in his way. Gangrim promptly created a force to rival Dusks. However this force was tiny compared to Dusks sizable force of seasoned thieves and thugs.
Days before the battle between the Goblins and the City of Ashridge, the city erupted in a gang war the likes of which had never been seen. shops were demolished, portions of the poor district were burnt to a crisp. It looked like Dusk had won the war for Ashridge’s underworld as Gangrim’s forces retreated. Unfortunatly this was not the case as Gangrim, his lieutenants and the paladin known as Ewan McCloud went on the offensive and struck at one of dusks Lieutenants.
With the lieutenant slain Gangrims forces were able to gain access to the hidden Thieves guild lair. They assembled on mass and were able to gain access to the inner sanctum with minimal fuss. The Paladin seemed to be able to convince most of Dusks assembled forces to stand down. Finally Dusk was left on his own, as his last two Guards deserted him Dusk was left to plead for his life. The group came to a stand still unable to decide what to do with him until Marla made up her mind. She exacted vengeance on the vile man by caving his skull in with an ogre sized Maul.

And thus ended Dusks life, his Guild either absorbed by Gangrims own group or scattered across Ashridge into smaller groups fighting each other for territory. the Thieves guild tower shimmered into view for the first time and began to quickly age.


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