Lord Joseph Farnsworth

His Lordship is a tall burly man with long Silver hair. His posture suggests someone of a warriors upbringing.


Race: Human
Class: fighter 12/expert 3
Will 8, Ref 8, Fort 11
Bab: 14/7/2
Mab: 18/11/6
Rab: 17/10/5
p. Feats:Power Attack, Cleave, greater cleave, Mounted Combat, Combat expertise, Ride-by attack, Spirited Charge, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Weapon proficiency (battleaxe), Whirlwind attack, Improved feint.
Skills: Ride 15, climb 15, climb 10, Survival 7, healing 3, Diplomacy 5, bluff 2, sense motive 6, Knowledge Nobility and Royalty 2, Knowledge History 2, Knowledge Religion 2, Intimidate 1, Forgery 1, Knowledge architecture and engineering 1, Knowledge Religion 2

Equipment: PLAINER ushil (+5, Icy Burst, Ghost touch Battle Axe), +5 Mithral scale mail

Expert Class skills: Sense Motive, Diplomacy, Bluff, Knowledge History, Knowledge Nobility and Royalty, Intimidate, Forgery, Knowledge architecture and engineering, Knowledge Religion, Listen


Lord Farnsworth has only known Conflict. From the age of 10 he was pressed into battle to protect his family in the harsh lands of the Neutral Zone. when he was 18 he was already skilled in the art of battle and decided to go adventuring. He made a name for himself in especialy around Ashridge. 20 years ago he married a beautiful woman named Elizabeth and was nominated to be ruler of Ashridge. He built his lavish Manor house to the South of the City where he raised a son and a daughter.

In Later life Lord Farnsworth has looked towards less militaristic pursuits to aid him in building a better community. He has become something of a book worm and a skilled diplomat.
However if Ashridge is threatened at its door he will be ready to go head 1st into the fray.

P. Lord Farnsworth finally met his end during the battle of Ashridge. He was last seen being mobbed by a horde of goblins after taking 5 Crossbow bolts to the chest.

Lord Joseph Farnsworth

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