Sir Ewan McCloud


Titles: Champion of Ashridge
Race: Aasimar
Gender: Male
Deity: Stefryanous
Eyes: Gold/Green
Hair: Black/Silver
Skin: Pale
Size: Medium
Face: Clint Eastwood’s stare meets Bruce Cambell’s chin
Near Death experiences: Too many
Personality: Casual/Cocky, except where evil is concerned then its all about smiting.

Recent History: Now due to his many deeds for the city of Ashridge the head priests of Temple of Gods knighted him ‘Champion of Ashridge’. Honored and a bit embarrassed as he suspected he was not the lone warrior they thought him to be, but happy just the same and focused to the task a head. Leading the crusaders of the temple to fight for the rights of all to live in neutral zone.



To say Ewan McCloud won the lottery in life is somewhat of an understatement. He was born an Aasimar in the Empire of Azeroth, so by simply being born he brought honor and prestige to his otherwise common family. From an early age he was brought up under the teachings of the church and was destined for a great career serving the church.

All this came to pass, until one ‘fateful’ day when there came word of a demon, causing havoc in the slums. Being a newly anointed paladin and an aasimar to boot he was the obvious choice to deal with it. He charged down there halberd in hand full of faith and righteous fury. What he found however was not what he expected. There was chaos alright, a heavily charged building and an angry mob to be precise. The mob was not hunting for a demon however; they were in fact standing against the local guard, stopping them from passing.
He approached and was told that during a routine to check for dangerous elements they had discovered a demon and when they had tried to purge the creature with holy fire, it had hypnotized the locals and turned the flame into a hellish blaze. At this point however a local stepped forward shouting “Lies, All of it! They come down here to bully us ‘sub-races’ and make themselves feel big. Then they saw Kessy, who’s never done nothing to no one unless u count bein cursed by the gods, and try to burn ‘im alive!”
McCloud assuming that they were just poor simpletons under a spell dispersed them with a exaggerated display of ‘Daylight’ and plowed on. Inside the house there was what at first appeared to be a young boy, only a few years younger than himself, trying to salvage items from the cinders and…. patting out flames with his bare hands? “Halt demon” called McCloud. But what he saw, in that single moment shattered a lifetime of religious doctorate. The boy was not quite a demon but a Tiefling, those at the other end of the racial scale to himself. But despite all the traces of the boys cursed ancestry (of which he seemed to have all of them), this was not a face filled with evil and malice, just pain and sorrow. “Why can’t you people just leave me be!” He yelled. “I’ve tried to stay out of the way, I get others to get what little I can eat, I do odd jobs that I can do from this house. But because of how I was born, something I can never change, you hound me and burn my house down.” Stunned McCloud just stood there, his mind unable to fit this face full of tears and an absence of the red glow in his narrow view of the world. Then the guards who had managed to break through in the confusion outside made it through the door and, again ‘fatefully’, the roof above them collapsed burying McCloud under glowing timbers. The guards knowing enough to decide which was more important quickly went to work freeing him while the tiefling fled through a back door into the narrow back passages. “That was a close one sir, dirty trick that was to collapse the roof on you. Those beasts have no honor.”
There was questioning as to how the demon escaped but overall it was agreed that it had been due to bad luck and dark magic. Ewan however knew this was not true. As is traditional when you have a crisis of conscious, McCloud went and spoke to a priest. “Oh dear, the beast has tampered with your thoughts, no wonder he was strong enough to escape. The best way to deal with this is to meditate so as to get closer to our lord.” Not a surprising answer but that’s what he did. For a whole month he sat in his quarters at the church and meditated, however it did not have the desired effect.
The longer he thought about what had happened and what he’d been taught, the more it made sense, or didn’t as it were.
After the first 3 weeks he crept out of the room and went back to the burnt out house. Already there were people squatting in the remains. At first they were afraid but even they had been taught ‘aasimar were angel born and so must be good’. He learnt of them and their lives and that of the boy Kessy. He returned to meditation where it suddenly became so clear. All he’d been taught was not the truth of things but the cause of them. The other races where treated as uncivilized retches living in the dirt, which in turn forced them to live that way in the first place. He looked down at his golden ‘Pendant of Man’ yanked it from his neck and threw it across the room.
Someone or something however noticed this and it was at this point that one thing he had been taught turned out to be true, he had been touched by Azeroth or a servant of his at least, because now he felt a great pain, it felt like something was trying to break out of him and was succeeding.
Once it had gone he had a definite sense of loss. “I am no longer blessed” he thought, but as he did so, he smiled, because with this loss also came something else, a clarity or perhaps freedom of thought. What followed was oddly was a not very exciting escape, his status as it was made it very easy to get to the nearest exit of the city, on a horse with little questions asked.
Once in the neutral zone he remembered one of the few useful things he’d been taught outside his training, minor details of the other ‘weaker’ gods and the passing mention of one in particular. He sought out the nearest place of worship for the new god ‘Stefryanous’, which as it turned out was anywhere were someone believed in him. There were few big temples or shrines to this god as he apparently did not ask for them. So McCloud spent a that night meditating in front of the small shrine in the house of a kindly old half elf. And at the dawn of the new day he heard a voice, well spoken but kind, say “Do right by others and I shall do right by you” and he suddenly felt less empty inside.

Sir Ewan McCloud

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