Tag: NPC


  • Maria Fanrsworth

    Maria is the daughter of [[:lord-joseph-farnsworth | Lord Farnsworth]]. Marias recent life has been one of pain and Suffering. At 17 she was kidnapped by the Half-Orc Matthew who did unspeakble things to her. Fortunately Ewan Mcloud. Later during the …

  • Wesley

    p. Wesley is a member of the [[Mages guild | Mages guild]] in [[The City OF Ashridge | Ashridge]]. He is known to be quit Eccentric in his ways (like his love of sweaters). Most wizards will give him a wide breath due to his tendency to make things …

  • FLuffy and Squishy

    Fluffy and Squishy are the a pair of goblins who the party have captured and keep as pets. They couldn't pronounce there real names so opted to call them fluffy and squishy. The two don't mind its not like there dead and they get well fed.

  • Yo'Gaarth

    Whilst escorting a caravan across to the next settlement the party was attacked bty a band of Orcs and Goblins. After dispatching the raiders the party found out that a goblin (possible half dragon) had managede to take con trol of the Orcs and Goblins in …

  • Dusk

    To those not in the inner circle Dusk was the leader of the [[Theives Guild | Thieves Guild]] in [[The City OF Ashridge | Ashridge]], although if you were to ask him he would have said he was the thieves guild. He expected all rouges who operate in the …

  • Jessica Jones

    Jessica is a apprentice wizzard at the mages guild. She is quite a talented student and is destined for great things ..... if she can get her head out the books for a few minutes. when she is not practicing she is studying studying everything she can on …

  • Cold Snap

    Since there arrival in ashridge the party has heard rummors of a ferocius white dragon living in darkwood forest. Whats worse is the dragon was allied with the Goblins in the Forest. His brother Yo'Garth a half goblin half white dragon rules the goblins …

  • Brother Joseph

    Brother Joseph is a paladin of Drachenstien who is assigned to the shrine in the all church of Ashridge. He is cheery fellow always wiling to go a few rounds of sparring or philosophical debate.

  • Marla Carter

    Marla is a bar maid at the [[River Rat | River Rat]]. as well having a decent cleavage on display she also shows off her well defined muscle structure