Kingdom of the Dragon

The Kingdom of the Dragon lies to the North of the Neutral Zone. Here a great nation has arisen out of peace and unity.

After the God Wars the old nations lie shattered. Unlike there neighbour to the South of the Neutral zone The nations of the North joined together to become a untied kingdom. They founded on the belief that all should be treated equally. To this they hold true.

The Kingdom is named so because in Ancient times Dragons used to make this land there home, however it is believed although a rare site nowadays Dragons are still living in the Kingdom disguised as one of the more common races.

Although called a kingdom the nation is governed by representatives of each race, a King (or Queen) is elected by the people and they govern over the council. The king/Queen rules until the time of there death or if they choose to abdicate the throne. The Council is allowed to overthrow the monarch but this can only happen in dire situations and all council members must be in agreement to do so.

The Kingdoms Army is advanced compared to there Southern Neighbours. There naval fleet consists of state of the Art propeller airships (powered by fire elemental’s) as well as a few prototype designs. They also use several variants of the Armoured Dolls mdde for several different battle field rolls. The Main infantry of the Kingdom of a mix between warriors and Battle mage’.

Though free to worship what ever gods they desire most citizens worship Drachenstien. Recently however Stefryanous has started to gather a larger following. There are few Worshippers of Azeroth but not many.

Kingdom of the Dragon

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