Magic and insanity

Everyone just thinks Magic is easy. Say the right words make the correct gestures simple right?
Magic is a completely alien subject to the brain. It is almost incomprehensible as your brain struggles to understand its laws.

Needless to say most practitioners or the art of magic normally go mad. Those who use spells must hone there will to overcome madness. Many a young headstrong sorcerer has lost them selves to madness by not paying heed to the warning of there peers.

Needless to say even with there training and there self discipline them more powerful the spell the harder it is to keep oneself sane. To this end spell casters rarely use there most powerful spells constantly for fear of losing themselves totaly. Most who do use there full force are kown to disappear for months on end to special sanctuaries where they are helped on the road to recovery.

Of course there are times when a caster is too far gone to be helped.
The Clergy send there maddened priests into secluded monasteries where they try to rehabilitate them. These Clerics will never be able to re enter there former lifestyle and have a anti magic bracelet attached to them so they can never cast magic again.
The mages way is alot harsher. Once reigned in by there peers they are thrown into a institution housed below the mages guild (or sometimes in the tallest towers). There a strong anti magic field prevents them from casting there spells and they are left to there madness. they also serve as a warning to foolish casters who may think of over extending themselves.

Magic and insanity

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