The City OF Ashridge

A city that during the 15 year war so the most conflict. The City started out originally as a staging ground for the Empire of Azeroth. The staging ground was quickly over thrown by the Kingdom of Dragons. Over the next year a fort would be built on the site and a small settlement would grow next to it. The fought would be captured and recaptured over the next 10 years and the settlement grew into a small town.

After the war the town found itself cut off from any form of support from either nation they were beset by the denizens of the wild. Where smaller villages and towns fell Ashridge held its ground. Forming a militia to fend off there foes.
Slowly the City started to take shape as Denizens from other settlements started to flok to Ashridge for protection. smaller villages started to appear close to the city.

Ashridge is currently ruled by Lord Farnsworth who lives in the lavish estate on the south side of the city.

Notable areas:-

The City OF Ashridge

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