The Empire of Azeroth

The Empire of Azeroth was formed by the god of the same name before his accession to the heavens, where he slew Pelor.

The Empire started out as a small nation far south which survived intact after the God Wars under the protection of Azeroth. As such in keeping with his teachings they expanded by conquering the surrounding nations until The entire Southern half of the continent was under their control.

Eventually the Empire came across the Kingdom of the Dragon and there conflicting philosophies led them down the path to war. During this time both sides committed the bulk of there forces to the conflict which left there interior wide open to revolt and rebellion. After 15 years of bloody conflict and rebellion Azeroth was close to breaking and so finally acknowledged The Kingdom’s plea for peace. As a result the Neutral zone was formed as a buffer between the two mighty nations.

Azeroth’s empire is governed under strict and harsh laws. Before Azeroth founded the Empire the southern half of the continent was mainly under the control of the Dwarves and the Elves, they and the other races treated humans and there cities like dirt.
When Azeroth came to power he decreed that Humans were the masters of this land and all were inferior compared to them. As such any non human became 2nd class citizens forced to scrounge out a merger existence.
Azeroth also decreed that all Human Sub races were to be cast out of society. He believed mixing with those inferior to man diluted the species. The worst hit were those with demon blood. Azeroth abhorred demons and as such anyone found with Demon blood in there veins was sentenced to death.
Since his ascension these laws have remained intact, however the laws regarding those with celestial blood has altered slightly. It is now believed those humans gifted with Celestial lineage are gifts from Azeroth, as such Aasimar have become a noble cast. Even if a Aasimar is born to a peasant family he is still lifted up into the ranks of the ruling class.

The Empire of Azeroth

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