Capital City of the Province of the Mixed Idols

Smaller than Ashridge Witchwyn is a over crowded city what has burst from its walls. Its streets are cramped and narrow where it has built up over the years. Unwilling/unable to expand the cities walls the citizens have begun to expand outside of the walls safety to create what is a small village.

To the eastern side of the city walls lies a shanty town where those unwanted by the city go to dwell.

City make up

North: Noble district and castle Witchwyn
South: The City gates, Merchant district, Witchwyn Village
East: Serf District & beggars nest, Witchwyn Shanty Town
West: Barracks, Middle Class District

Areas of note:

  • Witchwyn Castle – Seat of power for the Province of mixed Idols. Here the High and Mighty, Grand Duke Artorn Stormdancer sits upon the throne.
  • Temple to the God of Men – A prominent Azeroth temple. The largest Temple for Azerothian worship in the Neutral zone. the Priests are known to be zealots and have there Knights Exemplar on hand to make short work of any who oppose them.
  • The Mean Minister – the 1st tavern any visitor sees upon entering the City itself. Run by Duffel Light-foot. The tavern is well known as a way point for the adventuring sort.
  • The Yellow Bottle – A seedy drinkign establishment i nthe Beggars Nest. Just the place to go if you are / are looking for questionable folk.
  • Witchwyn Shanty Town – Where the undesirables etch out a living outside the Eastern wall. Here the civilised races mixed with the uncivilised and try to stay alive.


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