You can only Keep the peace with Eternal Vigilance.

100 years ago two mighty nations had been at war with each other for over 15 years. The battle had been long and bloody and both sides could stand no more. So the nations leaders begrudgingly met to discuss peace. It was decided that if neither side could live in peace a Neutral Zone would be formed of land belonging to each nation which would become neutral ground. Neither side would hold law inside the zone. and if either nation sent forces into the neutral area this would constitute as a act of aggression and would most likely lead to war.

And this is how the Realm of 1000 battles came to be. A Land that neither nation had control of and former citizens of the two nations found themselves cut off from there homeland.

It is a land that the greedy and the corrupt use to there own end and a place where adventure is to be had.

Keeping the peace

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