Keeping the peace

A Foggy Recap

It started with two adventures: one a paladin, the other a thief so from the start there were some issues. They were hired to find and rescue a nobleman’s daughter, upon the way they discovered the carriage she had been in, there was much gore to be found. There were some goblins who reluctantly gave advice as the kidnappers, some orcs, were not on good terms with them. They bluffed there way in (despite killing a guard) and after some diplomacy were about to walk out with the girl when in an attempt to reassure the girl the paladin whispered his true intensions regarding the evil scum. Unfortunately the evil scum had good ears and battling ensued. There was much death and gore unfortunately not just for the bad guys. But the two managed to pull out a victory and rescued not just the girl but all the kidnapped women. During the journey back it was discovered that the nobleman’s daughter had failed her sanity check while being kidnapped and raped and so was now a mute. She was returned our heroes were paid and they went off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of…. whatever town they were in. he hired them to retrieve a dragon, I think, they accepted and went of again. Somehow they ‘acquired’ a goblin informant who told them the location of the dragon, inside the goblin cave settlement.



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