Gangrim FlameHeart

"The Troll & Dragon Slayer"


Male Dwarf Ranger, Age 47, Alignment Neutral, Religion Fharlanghn “God of Roads”, Height 4 ’6, Weight 195 lb, Hair: brown, Skin: tanned & burnt.
Appearance: Stocky build, wears chain shirt covered in various furs and leathers and seems to be armed to the teeth, carrying more weapons than an entire mercenary company would need. Has strong facial features for a dwarf but these are obscured by rugged beard that looks to be burnt in places.

Bar Fight: Took out 6 armed men over a drunken dispute.
Taller They Are… The Better The BBQ: Singlehandedly defeated a troll, while on fire.
Hey, This is Pretty Good: Creator of the hit snack food; Crispy Kobold.
Morality 180 Kickflip: Go from evil to good in a day.
I Carried You Through That: Get a kill ratio better than 5:1 with the rest of your team.
Two of a Kind, Under The Bridge: Kill two types of Troll.
Twang, Headshot!: Take Down Flying White Dragon Boss of Awesomeness with a HEADSHOT.

Near Death’s Door: 5


The title Danfall shows the bearer to be of only a few survivors of a destroyed or conquered clan. For a dwarf there can be no more shameful title as it shows that not only he but his ancestors have failed to defend their home. This made Gangrim an instant outcast when his remaining family were taken in by an allied clan. Instead of joining this new clan he decided to strike out alone in hopes of earning enough fame and glory to be accepted by his kin and bring honour back to his ancestors.

With this in mind he became a ranger, roaming the neutral zone in search of the most dangerous expeditions. Living alone in the wild has had its negative effects as he does not socialize well and is slow to trust even for a dwarf. However he balances this with a wealth of knowledge and an oversized crossbow making him a welcome addition to those he chooses to travel with.
Recently though entire tribes of foes such as the Goblins and Orcs have been moving away from his usual hunting grounds, so he joined civilian caravan as a mercenary on its way to Ashridge to find out why his favoured enemies are massing and to put bolts in-between their eyes.

The story of this hero had many twists and turns in his young life at Ashridge. One note worthy occasion was when he regained his clan’s honour and earned the title “FlameHeart”. For an exile to earn such honour requires a feat so incredible that the news travels to all corners of the world and becomes the stuff of legend. How would one accomplish such a task? Singlehandedly defeat a troll, while of fire.

Although some questioned his morality, history shows that Gangrim did a lot of charity work; feeding the poor, clothing the poor, building shelters, reading to the poor, teaching the poor to fish, giving money to temples, giving money to local businesses and being an allround nice guy that people love a big huggie bunch.

Which happened to be a cover for starting his own powerbase like all the best supervillians because apparently you can’t take over the world at level 3 :( and so began a gang war between the night stalkers and the thieves guild.

Gangrim FlameHeart

Keeping the peace Gangrim